The Invitation

The most important question we can ever ask ourselves is “Who am I?”. But before we can truly ask this question we need to have an idea of who we are not. Most people believe themselves to be the one who thinks, suffers and has pleasure. They believe themselves to be the body and the personality. This identification with the body and personality is the base cause of suffering and is simply not the truth of who or what we are. So to ask the question with at first the assumption that I am not the body or the mind, what are we left with? What is our essential self?

Who am I really?

This is the seeker’s quest, to know thy self. To know thy “real” self. “That” that is beyond suffering, fear, anger, pleasure. “That” that is all things. “That” that is always here and never changes. “That” that does not move and is silent. “That” that all comes from and all returns to. Before you start asking who you are it is also important to have an idea of what you really want and a plan on how to get it. “What do I really want?” [...Read More]


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