Serving Truth – The Way of the Heart

A near-death experience whilst lost at sea in 1986 allowed Vishrant to have a life-changing insight – that there is nothing to do here on this planet that is worth anything, except to serve others. From that point onwards, Vishrant’s goal became to be in service to everyone and everything around him, or to ‘live the way of the Heart’.

In Buddhism, the practise of generosity is understood to be a fundamental teaching for monks and lay-people alike. Following his own Enlightenment, Vishrant began promoting Living the Way of the Heart as the path towards a beautiful life, even if one’s own self-realisation does not occur. In serving others, the ego or ‘I’ is diminished and the story of ‘me’ is put aside to support the other, be it a loved one, a stranger, animals, plants or the very Earth itself. In abandoning our own story, we start to choose selflessness over selfishness; openness over closure. In this openness, we can truly meet the other, share intimacy and foster love.

“Openness counts for everything.” ~ Prem Vishrant

On the journey to Enlightenment, it is important to have a lifestyle that will support this quest. Living the Way of the Heart becomes a practise that can be taken to every sphere of one’s life. In adopting this practise with totality, hard-wired patterns of closure, selfishness and self-obsession slowly erode away. A seeker of Truth soon realises that Truth and Heart are inextricably intertwined, and that to facilitate the raising of one’s consciousness is to embody a life serving Heart.


Prem Vishrant has supported numerous charities over the years and particularly enjoys giving of his time and presence.

Vish Storm Trooper

Prem Vishrant will often be seen in the local streets of Fremantle, Western Australia dressed as a registered 501 Storm Trooper, along with Imperial Officers. He raises money for children’s charities. The donations are forwarded to children’s charities in Perth, Western Australia and The Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA).

cosaThe Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA) is a registered non-profit based in Chiang Mai, Thailand dedicated to the prevention of child trafficking and sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia. Current projects include a shelter for sexually exploited, abused or at-risk girls, mental health workshops, organic and sustainable living projects and community outreach and awareness.
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