"Develop a silent witness."

- Prem Vishrant

"Let yourself be taken by the path of non-resistance."

- Prem Vishrant

"Unconditional surrender is the key to enlightenment."

- Prem Vishrant

"The way of the heart is selfless service."

- Prem Vishrant

"Openness counts for everything."

- Prem Vishrant

"There is only now."

- Prem Vishrant

"Meditation allows you to reclaim reality from the dream you find yourself in."

- Prem Vishrant

"Look at the background that all things appear and disappear in, for this is your true nature. It is always still, it is always silent."

- Prem Vishrant

"You are the sky that everything appears in, thoughts come, thoughts go like clouds. You remain untouched as the sky."

- Prem Vishrant


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“Beingness is everything, it is our true nature, things come and go like dreams come and go, we are that, that is before these dreams appear and we are that after these dreams disappear. Nothing can touch our true nature, it remains pure no matter what.”

Love Vishrant

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