The Seeker

Those who have had the calling or consciousness to ask the fundamental questions; `Who am I?’, ‘What am I doing here?’, What is life about?’ and then earnestly apply themselves to unveil the mysteries of life are called Seekers. The unfolding that occurs once you recognise the truth, leaves a seeker open to investigating ‘What is in the way of realising ourselves as truth in the eternal moment of now?

The seeker can experience Satori (a state where awareness has become aware of itself). This state needs no mind and is considered to be a state of oneness with all that is. The beauty and pure contentment from this connectedness is recognised to be aspects of your true self. You are this space always, yet satori often is not continuous and becomes a passing recognition. One can experience the ecstasy of the satori and is then left with the laundry. This laundry state is that of ego, our minds survival program. Through self inquiry and meditation it is possible to turn awareness onto awareness through a disciplined practice. When awareness is being drawn away from itself to a mind that is contracted for some reason, the seeker recognises that additional practices to see through the minds contractions is required.

Many seekers have been initiated into spirituality through Osho and Sai Baba, who made much of eastern mysticism available to the west. Satsang can be found in most major cities in the world now a days. A great part due to the legacy of these of Osho and Sai Baba. A few of the early western teachers to advocate the freedoms offered by eastern spirituality is Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. Much is owned to them for their ground breaking efforts through western culture.

Doing the work

inner fire of immortellle
As the seeker proceeds, it becomes apparent of what is in the way of freedom.

The seekers quest for higher consciousness is achieved by learning how to meditate, examining the mechanisms of the mind and accepting yourself completely as you are. This does require developing your awareness and skillful means to see the obstacles the mind creates which keeps silence, stillness and unconditional acceptance at bay. Seeing the obstacles within the psyche and removing them is a large portion of doing the work.

These obstacles usually appear as belief systems. Having the integrity to be with what you find, becoming more conscious of how you operate, your agendas when communicating, your defences that come into play to protect a desire or image of ourselves, are all part of doing the work. Developing higher consciousness involves seeing the conditioning or programming, the behavioural patterns and belief systems, which create the filters that stand in the way of knowing yourself as truth.

Ultimately to awake to your true nature, removal of all resistances, delusions and aversions created by the mind is seen through and has been let go to develop an equinamous mind. The endeavour is also a way of living which involves loving kindness and generosity, in service to all others.