What is Satsang?

Vishrant photo


“You are beingness and as such are pure love. When the mind can finally rest it is easier to realise this pure love that you are. Satsang is a meeting in love, were it is possible to discover your true nature and see through the minds obstacles to freedom. You are very welcome.”

Love Vishrant

For 5000 years seekers and gurus have been investigating true happiness and enlightenment. In India this pathway has been called Satsang.

Satsang is being in the company of the highest truth with an awakened teacher and a gathering of seekers who listen to discourse, talk about and investigate their true nature.

Vishrant’s inquiry into the true nature of existence began as a teenager in the early 1970s, leading him into spiritual practices and a life of service. Through grace and having done the work, Vishrant awakened to the true nature of self on 31st May 1999. Since then he has dedicated himself to assisting others in their pursuit of enlightenment. He runs a mystery school in Perth, Western Australia and has been holding Satsang daily along with 5 intensive retreats per year, teaching a way of life that supports heart and truth (see schedule).