Meditation Retreats

This is your invitation into silence and stillness.



Join Vishrant on his intensive enlightenment retreats held five times each year, in Perth, Western Australia. Take the opportunity to awake to this moment, to the silence and stillness that all things appear in, the beauty of the now, away from the rush of normal life.

Retreats include continuous Satsang in between periods of silence, to reveal the truth and what obstacles are in the way of living freely and experiencing true contentment. Much of Vishrant’s deeper work with ardent students occurs on these retreats. Surrender is the master key, and understanding this leads you to the practices which facilitate surrender. Surrender ultimately is a non-‘doing’, a state where the mind simply rests, no matter what is happening.

In an intensive retreat you are in the presence of an awakened teacher for a number of continuous days, and in this environment you will have no distractions or normal routine to disturb you through the day. Instead, you simply have an opportunity to drop into that which you truly are, silence and stillness. Retreats afford you an opportunity to meditate, and to develop the clarity and awareness needed to see things as they really are within one’s own mind.

Please contact Dakini Williams for more information.

Mobile: +61 438 831 883