"Openness counts for everything."

Prem Vishrant

"There is only now."

Prem Vishrant

"The way of the heart is selfless service."

Prem Vishrant



β€œIt is with eyes of love and compassion that the heart opens. Love needs nothing and when it moves through the mind, the person just wants to give.”

– Prem Vishrant

With any gesture of donation whether it be financial or in volunteering your time, we truly give thanks.
These donations go to supporting the development of higher consciousness globally and assisting in sustaining those who serve truth.

Donations made to The Vishrant Buddhist Society support all who are associated with the organisation and the community at large. This includes; seekers who receive scholarships, development and distribution of video, audio and written materials and the building of a full time meditation and retreat centre as the future home of the Society.

The Vishrant Buddhist Society is a registered non-profit charity organisation. All funds are directed towards the maintenance of buildings, sound and video equipment (Dharma Talks), furniture, seeker accommodation, insurance, utilities (electricity, gas, water), cost telephone, volunteer transport/ travel, food as well as essential consumables related to the running of The Vishrant Buddhist Society infrastructure. (Australia: Non-Tax Deductible)

“Beingness is everything, it is our true nature, things come and go like dreams come and go, we are that, that is before these dreams appear and we are that after these dreams disappear. Nothing can touch our true nature, it remains pure no matter what.”

Love Vishrant

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A Building Fund will soon be available, where all specified donations are directed towards building a full time meditation and retreat centre. (Australia: Tax Deductible).