Prem Vishrant Biography

Born in 1954 to middle class family in the country town of Bunbury, Western Australia as Vincent Cooper, his family soon moved to Perth and he attended Aquinas College. While in boarding school he became interested in spirituality and at the age of 14 considered becoming a priest.

As his love for the unknown continued an unexpected involvement with an encounter group at age 19 stirred a passion for self-discovery which was to grow ever stronger as time passed.

Moving into the 1970s as a successful publisher gave him ever greater opportunity to travel the world to seek ways of opening up the mysteries of his own mind and spirituality.

As a Sanyasin for much of the 1980s, Vishrant’s discipline was developed from Zen Buddhism practices, he developed a love for practising meditation, devoting his life to discovering his true nature.

Having lived a fast-paced life of a high-flying businessman, he sought to live out the new name he had been given – Prem Vishrant, meaning restful love through meditation and spiritual understanding.

He had his first major awakening in 1987 while practising the Zen Buddhist methodology of self inquiry, an event which changed his life forever.

Vishrant dedicated his life to the service of all he came in contact with, training first as a naturopath and masseur, and later as a psychotherapist, as he looked for better ways to serve those around him.

It was in 1998 in the presence of travelling advaita vedanta teachers (Isaac Shapiro, Gangaji and Vartman) that multiple awakenings started occurring, establishing in May 1999.  Vishrant found himself as universal Truth in an ongoing way.  Seekers noticing the changes in Vishrant started requesting Satsang almost immediately and within a few years he was giving ten Satsangs a week.

His Satsangs have the potential to show seekers their true nature and with a mix of traditional and modern techniques helping people remove the obstacles to freedom. Vishrant brings his passion for life, his razor sharp insight, and his radiant presence to every meeting.

Currently Vishrant is running a full time spiritual mystery school in Perth called The Mystic Heart Mystery School.