What’s new?

Meditation & Retreat Centre

The Restful Waters Meditation Retreat Centre has opened in Bedfordale and is a sanctuary created by The Vishrant Buddhist Society, offering community services that encourage and inspire people to live a happy way of life.  1

All are welcome, regardless of beliefs or ideologies. 

Restful Waters is situated on a 10 acre property, located in the Darling Ranges foothills of Perth, 45 mins from Perth city centre, and 5 minutes from Armadale town centre.

Once a hobby farm, Restful Waters is nestled amongst an avocado orchid and tranquil water settings, an ideal environment to deepen practices of meditation, yoga and to inquire within through Satsang and counselling. 

The centre is dedicated to a helping people discover restfulness, clarity and openness. Restful Waters is named after Vishrant, as his name in Sanskrit means to be ‘Restful’. His full name carries the meaning ‘Restful Love’. 

The website will be launched very soon, however, you can keep up to date and find out more about Satsang, Yoga, Meditation and Dance classes, and Counselling services by following the facebook page here: facebook.com/RestfulWatersRetreat.
Join us at Restful Waters Meditation Retreat centre at 64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, WA, 6112.  

Volunteering Program

With the opening of Restful Waters, there is an opportunity to join the organisation’s volunteer program. This program is for those who wish to assist with community projects, transcribe Satsang and/or host Satsang (locally, nationally, internationally). Please email Vishrant to register your interest in becoming a volunteer.