Mystery School

meditateThe answer to every question, is meditation.” ~ Prem Vishrant

Prem Vishrant has been running the Mystic Heart Mystery School since 2006. His students are dedicated to unveiling their true nature, and they are invited to attend meetings each week and to attend specific meditation and training activities with The Vishrant Buddhist Society.

Many world teachers disseminate their teachings towards higher consciousness and freedom in books and in public discourses, but it is at mystery schools that these teachings are investigated with the depth required for self-transformation to really occur.

With regular attendance at the Mystic Heart Mystery School in Perth, Western Australia, you are provided the opportunity to be fully supported within the quest of developing higher consciousness whilst learning how to operate in the world from beingness and not the ego dream of self.

It is in developing spiritual practices and applying yourself to the quest of enlightenment that illusions can been seen through. It is your integrity and commitment that will guide you deeper and deeper, allowing the teacher to guide you and reveal the illusions that keep you locked in dream.

Students are guided with Dharma discourses and given spiritual practice tuition. Students will also receive what is called a Sādhanā that is specific to the individual. It is usually a practice of some type that will help the seeker discover relevant obstacles that are in the way of freedom. The deeper work can be done when one is committed to seeing through the mind’s illusions.

Full time students will benefit from the fostering of close relationships with fellow seekers, who support their spiritual journey. Having a spiritual support network assists in creating a lifestyle that awakens the heart.

Students are also invited to numerous social engagements.

Physical training activities include formal shinai training (sword used in Kendo which is a Japanese martial art), to assist in developing present moment awareness and to be fully grounded in the body.

The shinai training group is part of House Templestone, which is broken into two parts. 1) The Templars; who partake in shinai training with minimal armour and 2) The Heavy SCA; participants who train in heavy armour and fight full contact (medieval style).